mraabThe PEEK Vision project developed a data entry app (Android) for RAAB surveys for smartphones, called mRAAB. This app has been field tested successfully in Tanzania, the Maldives, Madagascar, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. The app in uses the same validation rules as the RAAB software. The big advantage of mRAAB is that the data are entered while the examiner is with the participant. Any invalid entry will be reported by the app and can be checked immediately and corrected if needed. That means that the data file generated by mRAAB is already clean and that double data entry validation and data cleaning after return of the team is no longer required. This will save a lot of time and improve the quality of the data.

The aim is to integrate the PEEK functions on VA assessment, measurement of lens opacity and photography of the optic disc and the macula into the examination protocol of RAAB. This will expand the diagnostic capacity and improve the quality of the data.

At present, the data file, generated through the mRAAB app, is sent by email to the RAAB survey coordinator, who can import the data either in RAAB5 or in RAAB6 software (as selected in mRAAB) for data analysis and generation of reports. In future, the data files may be uploaded automatically by the mRAAB app to a cloud based server with the RAAB software.